ムダ夫 −こまめに抜いてスマートに−

Date of creation:  2013/10
Technique: Animation
Size: 30sec
Illustration: Ayami Nonaka
Director/Editor/Audio: Eko Hayashi

A prize “10th AC Japan CM Student Award” winning work

This commercial work’s theme is about saving electricity. The Man named “Mudao”. His face-fungus falls out rhythmically. At the end his smile is shining with his smart face. We expressed a public problem positively and uniquely.
第10回 AC ジャパンCM学生賞 優秀賞

節電をテーマにしたCM 。
最後にはさっぱりとスマートになった 「ムダ夫」の笑顔が光ります。


ムダ夫−こまめに抜いてスマートに− from Eko Hayashi on Vimeo.